International News
  • November 27, WIKISTAD - Libertas will have earlier elections. This decision was made after all Libertans had voted for earlier elections. The original date was June 1st 2008, but now, they'll be hold in January. At this moment, the government is caughting a Minister of Economy. The man who'll be chosen will be Minister for only 2 months. From your reporter, AL.

  • November 26, HÄUPTSTEÊ - After the Republic of Adlibita anounced a crisis in its country, Vreêland's got a crisis too now. The population is decreasing in both countries. Adlibita is already talking about a possible solution, but Vreêland is waiting for the other users who were active. The Adlibitan government will decide this evening what they're going to do. From your reporter, AL.

  • November 25, NOBLE CITY - The Kingdom of Lovia has chosen her flag. It's navy blue and red with a pine tree in the middle. The king has designed it himself. The nickname of the flag is the Pine Jack and it can be found here. From your reporter, AL.

  • November 24, WIKISTAD - The Libertan government is inactive. Almost all ministers and state chiefs have left Libertas. Now, the population is voting about earlier elections. As good as all Libertans want elections in one of the first months of 2008. The original date had to be June 1st 2008. After a research, there are only three people really active in the government. In the past months, some things were changed in the government: Antistatique and Ruben Geleyns were removed, and some others like Bob I (which is inactive too now), Martijn and Maarten Michels received their place(s). And now, this week, Alexandru has left the government. The voting can be found here. From your reporter, AL.

  • November 24, CHRISTIANENBURG - Adlibita is in crisis. Since June 24, there didn't come new inhabitants. The population is decreasing very fast, and the Adlibitan Republic doesn't know how to stop this decrease, and has asked for help at the UWN. Now there is a big discussion at the UWN (see here). Many people are ask to contribute on RoWikicity, but the main reason that they didn't come is the 'hard wiki-language'. Some old inhabitants have left their country too, because they actually gave it up. "But, if there will come new inhabitants I'm sure that the old ones will come back", said the Adlibitan vice president Alexandru. Possible solutions are a simple tutorial an attractive Main Page for newcomers. Do you have a good idea? Let us know on Forum:Adlibita and if it works, you'll get a huge reward! From your reporter, AL.

  • November 23, AGIUNTA - Ilenulando is developing very fast. There are already some inhabitants, but new inhabitants are being expected this week. Now, after the foundation of a Electricity Company and a newspaper, the Ilenulandoans are discussing about the governing of this country. What type of government should they have, which ministers, et cetera. They also want to access the UWN in one of the following weeks. Probably, Ilenulando will be part of the UWN in the beginning of December, but we'll see! From your reporter, AL.

  • November 23, WIKISTAD - Today, a big international newspaper was founded, named Gazeta. This newspaper will appear in all wiki countries and the UWN: Vreêland, Adlibita, Libertas, Ilenulando and Lovia. The Gazeta will be written in English, except for the Libertan Gazeta, which will be in Dutch. The Gazeta was created after the Libertan newspaper the "Adlibitaner" and the Vreêlandian "Recentlyk Biertnisse" had united. Alexandru and Ooswesthoesbes will write this newspaper the most, but YOU can be a reporter too! Happy reading! From your reporter, AL.